Thursday, May 25, 2017

CIO People Rally 24th May 2017

Such busy month. After the Dellympics event, now our community service event. Went to Penang National Park to clean up Monkey Beach.

Well, it was quite fun since we had a chance to escape the grey office. But, it is also extremely hot and tiring. However, it was quite nice knowing we do contribute a little (in my case really very little) effort in keeping the a little beach cleaner 😂

We are divided into 4 teams.
Team A: hike up to Monkey Beach and light house.
Team B: take a boat to Monkey Beach then hike up light house.
Team C: take a boat to USM beach then take a boat to Monkey Beach.
Team D: take a boat to Monkey Beach.

So seeing these 4 teams, obvious choice for me is team D. Be comfortable all the way!!! Hehehe. So that's it for the day. Another year of CIO rally completed.

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