Monday, November 27, 2017

Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) 2017

Another year of challenge ended. Becomes a yearly thing for me and my friends now. But...I'm only getting worse each year haha. This is for being lazy and never keep up with training and exercise. But well, let's hope I improve slightly, if I'm ever going to join again next year. But definitely not 21km again. I swore never to join 21km when I first joined on year 2014, but itchy butt went and join it again this year with my friends. Now I hurt my ankle fml. Still walking funny because of my ankle after 1 day haih. But well, a good way to end November 2017 😊

Monday, November 6, 2017


Yesterday (5th November) I attended my friend's wedding dinner. The moment I stepped into the hall, I can hear Disney's movies and cartoons' theme songs from the playlist on replay. I did not think much of what would come next, as most Chinese weddings are quite similar. However, I was quite wrong. Besides the tradition of 10 friends being placed in a table for the 8 dish meal and the toast of family and friends, everything, are basically quite different.

Firstly, the meals are vegetarian, which is quite rare for Chinese. But the meals are not bad, tastes good even. Secondly, they don't place the stage at the very end of the hall which could be quite far for the people who sit at the far end, so most of us can see the stage quite clearly, but I must say, my friend saved one of the best spot for us. Next, they have dance performances by the bride and groom's close friends and even the couple themselves. And the song they performed to is none other than Beauty and the Beast. Such cute couple 😁 Also, the pre-wedding photos, they choose a Korean theme, flying all the way to Korea. Well, they look like those Korea love birds in drama!! OMG. Sweet dao~~ and well no need to say much, they look fabulous in there. Also thumbs up to them for playing us the vlogs of their pre-wedding shots as well. Keeps us entertained and had a good laugh πŸ˜€ Last but not least, their good friend performed 2 songs to congratulate them. Oh ya, also not to forget the speech given by my friend, the groom. Seriously give us a good laugh, but also let us see how many of their closed friends really treasure them, as they go thru rain and storm to make their wedding perfect. Seriously, no joke, They literally go thru rain and storm, as Penang was having the worse flood on 4th November till early morning 5th November. So, I bet they are really grateful and feeling extremely blessed, as the bride shed some tears towards the end of the speech.

Seriously, nothing feels more magical then what I witness yesterday. I have attended some weddings, not to say the others I don't see the magical moments, everyone always glows and look so in love during their weddings. However, yesterday's wedding was so carefully planned and arrange that I really feel that I am watching the prince and princess 😁 I was so immense in everything that was happening, I only remember to snap some photos towards the end of the wedding πŸ˜‚ all so blur, not sure what I snapped. Only can go scroll other's facebook to get the pictures now. But well, I enjoyed the moment real time. And that was just awesome.

Well, I guess I am getting old now, one more friend got married. And more to come next year and next next year. I can't help but feel happy for them. God bless all of them with a beautiful and great marriage. **in my head playing Beauty and the Beast🎡

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Random posting on a cold day. Been raining on and off this past few days. So, besides braving the rain to office for work, I am mostly coped up at home. Which works fine with me as I love staying home. But well, this has make me even lazier these days that I am literally glued to my chair the whole day being super unproductive and spacing out. Seriously, work really gets to me nowadays. Making me an even lazier bum XD

But anyway, decided to clear my phone memory space while I am typing random stuff here and realized I have tonnes of photos that I took and never do anything with. Didn't even take a second look at them. Should find some time to drag my ass out of laziness and do something with them.

Continue to laze around for today~~

Thursday, May 25, 2017

CIO People Rally 24th May 2017

Such busy month. After the Dellympics event, now our community service event. Went to Penang National Park to clean up Monkey Beach.

Well, it was quite fun since we had a chance to escape the grey office. But, it is also extremely hot and tiring. However, it was quite nice knowing we do contribute a little (in my case really very little) effort in keeping the a little beach cleaner 😂

We are divided into 4 teams.
Team A: hike up to Monkey Beach and light house.
Team B: take a boat to Monkey Beach then hike up light house.
Team C: take a boat to USM beach then take a boat to Monkey Beach.
Team D: take a boat to Monkey Beach.

So seeing these 4 teams, obvious choice for me is team D. Be comfortable all the way!!! Hehehe. So that's it for the day. Another year of CIO rally completed.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dellympics 2017

20th December 2017
A day where all training have to be put in use. Time for badminton match ^_^
Well, my team lost overall but I had fun knowing new people and enjoyed the event as well. Unfortunately, all sports was started simultaneously, else I could go around to support the other sports.
No matter, the other badminton group won!!! Hurray and congrats. Both groups tried our best, but opponents are stronger. We will be back stronger next year...if there is a next year ^0^
And last I heard, our sports team (grey team) won 3rd place. Well, definitely not bad at all. Cheers IT team.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

2 days 1 night: Songkhla + Hatyai + Dannok

Nice to have a short vacation on a long weekend. It's been a long time since we had a family vacation.  It's short, hot, tiring and terrible as I had food poisoning, but we all had fun since we get to spend time together and well, shop like crazy for Thai food ^_^
So, in this short trip, I missed he chance to go to the morning market on day 2, because well, I spent the whole night vomiting and diarrhea so, it's impossible for me to move anymore =.="
But then long story cut short, day 1 was spent in Songkhla and Hatyai. Then day 2, everyone besides me went to Hatyai morning market, while I, rolled under my blanket fighting stomachache. Then, we moved out to Tesco Lotus for lunch and last round of food shopping. Then, off to Dannok's cultural village.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fatty Weekends continues...

More food on the weekend. That is why, diet plans are made to failed 😏
Managed to watch Fast & Furious 8 on Saturday, great movie as always. Wonder how the 9th one will be. Can't wait.

Now move on to food...the love of my live❤

15th April 2017

Lunch at Miam Miam

Top - Lobster Bisque Spaghetti
Bottom - Chicken Teriyaki Spaghetti

Then time for some party~~
Cousin sister's birthday

16th April 2017

Penang food Festival - RM2 Mini Food Carnival.
I missed the one on 15th, but well, managed to grab some today, soooo not so bad.

Char Kuey Teow

Curry Fishballs

Char Kuey Kak

Coconut ice cream

Live band entertaining the crowd

Then morning coffee at Coffee Atelier

Drink that make me go to bed so much better πŸ˜†
Iced Latte (double shot)

Adventures continue with lunch at Karpal Singh Drive, Hinode Udon.

Miso Ramen + Soft boiled egg + Tofu skin + Tempura
Satisfied my gluttony appetite 😀
Now is time to worry about my extra big tummy.